[Tutorial] Here is how to work with the new async SQLAlchemy ORM

I think the whole python web development community has been waiting for this change for a while and I personally was extremely happy to hear about the long awaited async orm functionality in SQLAlchemy when the beta version…

Simplify your web development with docker and docker-compose

docker compose


In this article we will cover how to create a python based REST API and utilise docker-compose to improve both development and production. However before you start reading this article, I would recommend understanding how to use python with docker in part-1.

Docker Compose

Simplify your python web-development with FastAPI and docker


In any web development project, you would usually have many components, a database or multiple databases, a cronjob, a backend, a frontend.. etc. Setting up databases takes time and in case of change for example moving away from Postgres to MariaDB would require uninstalling Postgres and installing MariaDB. Let’s say…

Which package manager to use in 2020?


The majority of developers when they get introduced to python, most probably pip is first tool they learn to use to manage packages. …

An imitation of a database using boxes


The purpose of this article is to create a simple guide on how to use FastAPI with relational databases asynchronously and use Alembic for migrations. Before you go a head with this tutorial please check part-1.

Here is the full working code on github

Lets Start

Install the required package databases


The easiest way for parsing request payload and query parameters


For a very long time Flask was my first choice of framework when it came to building micro-services (until python 3.6 and async/await came to life). I have used Flask with a different number of extensions depending on the situation…

The easiest way to get corona virus current statistics using python, data is based on John Hopkins University.


The corona virus is spreading in an unexpectedly unstoppable way. There are great efforts being done to stop the spread of this virus. I wanted to be a part of this and…

Tutorial for Mkdocs with material theme and hosting on github pages


Everyone loves frameworks and packages that have a good documentation. There are a lot of frameworks that I love their documentation, for example Django, React, Angular and many more. However, FastAPI and Pyndatic specially stood out from the rest…

What the hell is Sanic web framework anyway?


I recently came across Sanic and I was surprised why I never heard about it before. Sanic is a micro-framework which is quite close to Flask. It is quite extensible with a lot of extensions and middleware being created for it. …

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