Getting Corona Virus (COVID-19) Stats Using Python

Ahmed Nafies
2 min readMar 12, 2020


The easiest way to get corona virus current statistics using python, data is based on John Hopkins University.


The corona virus is spreading in an unexpectedly unstoppable way. There are great efforts being done to stop the spread of this virus. I wanted to be a part of this and do something that might help even a little. So I wrote this package hoping that someone would use it to collect data or make better visualizations … etc.

Full documentation can be found here

Full code on Github can be found here


pip install covid


python >= 3.6


from covid import Covid

covid = Covid()


'country': 'Mainland China',
'confirmed': 80756,
'deaths': 3136,
'recovered': 60096,
'latitude': 30.5928,
'longitude': 114.3055,
'last_update': 1582264984000
'country': 'Italy',
'confirmed': 9172,
'deaths': 463,
'recovered': 724,
'latitude': 43.0,
'longitude': 12.0,
'last_update': 1583777591000

Get Status By Country

from covid import Covid

covid = Covid()
sweden_cases = covid.get_status_by_country("sweden")


'country': 'Sweden',
'confirmed': 355,
'deaths': 0,
'recovered': 1,
'latitude': 63.0,
'longitude': 16.0,
'last_update': 1583893094000

List Countries

This comes in handy when you need to know the available names of countries when using get_status_by_country, eg. "The Republic of Moldova" or just "Moldova" So use this when you need to know the country exact name that you can use.

from covid import Covid

covid = Covid()
countries = covid.list_countries()


"republic of korea",

Get Total Confirmed cases

confirmed = covid.get_total_confirmed_cases()

Get Total Recovered cases

recovered = covid.get_total_recovered()

Get Total Deaths

deaths = covid.get_total_deaths()


This python API simplifies getting stats regarding the novel corona virus. My hopes that this would be utilized to gather data, create visualizations .. etc



Ahmed Nafies